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gourmet natural chocolate bars

Aunt Frida found inspiration for Fridika's completely natural gourmet chocolate bars among her 100% natural cakes and transformed them into TO GO chocolate bars. They are already available in eight seductive flavors!

From completely natural ingredients

The chocolates are made from completely natural ingredients, just like all of Frida’s creations. For them, Frida uses real gourmet chocolate and not cheap substitutes that are full of bad fats.

Fridikas are also full of real fruit, which is not replaced by artificial flavors. In Frida's chocolate manufactory we use lyophilized fruit, which is dried according to a special procedure to preserve its color, vitamins, aromas and nutrients.  

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Internationally awarded products

Aunt Frida has already won two international awards for chocolate and chocolate products: Academy of Chocolate and Great Taste awards! We won the Academy of Chocolate award against other 1,200 competitors from all over the world thanks to our Praline cakes, while we received the Great Taste award for our popular Choc'n'rolls

Both our chocolate creations have so been ranked among the most prestigious chocolate products in the world and Aunt Frida has reached the very top of the world's elite gourmet chocolate makers.

Exciting flavours

What is in Fridika Brownie with raspberry?

  • gourmet milk chocolate
  • soft cream with raspberries
  • choocolate fudge with lyophilized raspberries and brownie

What is in Fridika Cream cake with blueberry?

  • gourmet white chocolate
  • soft cream with blueberries
  • white chocolate fudge with lyophilized blueberries and crispies

What is in Fridika Cappuccino tiramisu?

  • gourmet milk chocolate
  • soft coffee cream
  • fudge with 100% arabica coffee biscuits

What is in Fridika Banoffee coconut?

  • gourmet milk chocolate
  • soft coconut cream
  • banana fudge with coconut crispies in crispy cookies

What is in Fridika Cheesecake strawberry?

  • gourmet white chocolate
  • soft cream with strawberries
  • white chocolate fudge with lyophilized strawberries and cookies

What is in Fridika Jaffa brookie?

  • gourmet dark chocolate
  • delicious orange cream
  • chocolate fudge with oranges and crispy cookies

What is in Winter Fridika?

  • gourmet milk chocolate
  • soft cream with Christmas spices
  • fudge with spekulaas cookies, cinnamon caramel and candied orange

What is in Fridika Cheesecake mango?

  • gourmet dark chocolate
  • soft mango cream
  • fudge with mango and crispy cookies

Where can you buy Fridikas?

You can buy Fridikas at Hofer, at Petrol and MOL gas stations, at Interspar, in Aunt Frida chocolate coffee shops across Slovenia and in Aunt Frida chocolate online store.

Chocolate online store

How about a real triple chocolate cookie?
How about a real triple chocolate cookie?