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Aunt Frida has opened the sixth chocolate coffee shop in Slovenia in Ljubljana

Aunt with the sweetest ideas in the city now also in the new shopping center Aleja in Ljubljana.

100% natural desserts of Aunt Frida from now on also in Ljubljana

On Friday, 8th of May 2020, at the opening of the new state-of-the-art Aleja shopping center in Ljubljana, the first chocolate coffee shop Aunt Frida in Ljubljana also opened its doors. This is Frida's sixth café in Slovenia, which follows the concept of 100% natural desserts, ice cream and chocolate creations. Aunt Frida chocolate coffes shops can also be found in Maribor, Limbuš, Celje, Koper and in Ptuj.

The Aunt Frida Aleja Ljubljana chocolate coffee shop has a beautiful spacious terrace and the Aunt Frida chocolate corner, which, like every Frida's chocolate coffee shop, complements the sweet program for chocoholics. Here you will be able to choose from more than 100 different chocolate unique gifts - don't miss the internationally awarded products.

The Aleja shopping center in Ljubljana, and thus also Frida's new coffee shop, was supposed to open on 19th of March, but the opening was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic. Finally, we are with you in Ljubljana and we look forward to your visit with Aunt's best cakes, ice cream or delicious coffee. You're welcome. :)

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