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Time for coffee

When is the best time for coffee? Always! Aunt Frida can't imagine a day without a coffee - a day without coffee in chocolate form! :)

Time for coffee

For all passionate coffee-loving chocoholics has Aunt Frida prepared special coffee creations and desserts, as well as ice cream with coffee. 

Frida's most popular dessert for coffee lovers is definitely the Opera cake, which impresses with coffee-soaked almond biscuit, velvet Opera ganache with dark chocolate and coffee cream. Are you up for a coffee with the legendary coffee dessert? Then choose an Italian classic with an unforgettable taste – Tiramisu

Frida also took care for coffee ice cream lovers; in her chocolate manufactory she prepared as many as two special coffee creamy ice creams. ;) 100% natural  Opera ice cream, made from real coffee, sprinkled with pieces of chocolate biscuit and chocolate beans, fits no matter the time of year. The latest coffee ice cream But first coffee will win you over with a mix of dark chocolate and coffee! Both ice creams are prepared with gluten-free ingredients. Divine. 

Don't miss the chocolate creations with coffee, which you can find in the chocolate corner of Aunt Frida chocolate coffee shops or in Frida's online store. Frida recommends Praline cakes Tiramisu – infusion of Turkish coffee from freshly roasted beans in chocolate with caramel and brand new chocolate Taste – But first coffee, that will definitely make you addicted if waking up in the morning isn’t exactly your virtue. Sometimes you can also sweeten the morning with a sweet morning dose of coffee in chocolate form. Why not. ;) 

Welcome to your nearest Teta Frida for a chocolate coffee tasting! :)

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