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Jaffa Brookie now also available as a cake and an ice cream

Aunt Frida has prepared new chocolate jaffa brookie specialties for you, which are already waiting for you in cafes around Slovenia

Jaffa Brookie now also available as a cake and an ice cream

You already know the eighth flavour of Fridika gourmet chocolate bar, don't you? Fridika Jaffa Brookie is a delight for chocoholics who love the cookie-brownie combination. Fridika Brookie consists of a moist brownie with a crunchy cookie, with the fresh finishing touch of orange with dark chocolate.

This time, Frida is launching brand new exclusive 100% natural Jaffa Brookie cake and 100% natural Jaffa Brookie ice cream.

Discover the Jaffa Brookie cake! You'll fall in love with the flavour of the chocolate brookie, the delicate candied orange filling and the rich dark chocolate mousse.

We also recommend that you try the Jaffa Brookie flavour combination as featured in the new ice cream. Jaffa Brookie gourmet ice cream is the result of combining gourmet dark chocolate with juicy candied orange.

All of Aunt Frida chocolate creations and ice creams are homemade and 100% natural, which means they are created in Aunt Frida Chocolate Manufactory using only the finest 100% natural ingredients, without artificial additives.

Visit your nearest Aunt Frida Chocolate Café, new creations are waiting for you.

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