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New fruity snack - Fruit in cubes

A delicious experience for your taste buds without added sugar!

New fruity snack - Fruit in cubes

Meet Frida’s Fruit in cubes, a fruity snack that will give you a new boost of energy without added sugar! It contains no added artificial sugars or sweeteners, only naturally occurring sugars in fruit. With the help of concentrated fruit and fruit juice, Aunt Frida succeeded in capturing the true taste of fruit, creating an exceptional 100% natural fruity snack for all generations that is packed with dietary fiber. Fruit cubes are also free from artificial colours and preservatives.

Flavours and fun facts:

- 1 pack of mango passion fruit flavour contains 336g of mango, passion fruit and apples.

- 1 pack of strawberry banana flavour contains 341g of strawberries, bananas and apples.

- 1 pack of raspberry and cranberry dark chocolate  flavour contains 228g of raspberries, cranberries and apples. Aunt Frida coated the cubes with 60% gourmet dark chocolate.

You can buy fruit in cubes exclusively at Hofer stores across Slovenia. Enjoy your very own fruity goodie bag.

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