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Recipe: Fruit cake

Made with only the finest ingredients, including our Fruit in Cubes.

Recipe: Fruit cake

In collaboration with Jernej Kitchen, we have prepared a delicious new recipe for you, perfect for the holiday season: (Christmas) fruit cake. The cake is loaded with spices, nuts and dark chocolate, as well as a special ingredient, Fruit in Cubes, that takes the cake to the next level. It is made without butter or eggs, and can also be made entirely vegan.

Thanks to the variety of ingredients, each bite of the fruit cake will surprise you with a different flavor. Even though the spices in the cake are strongly reminiscent of Christmas holidays, we like to make it all winter long. :) What makes this cake unique are Fruit in Cubes; we've added the Fruit in Cubes in all 3 flavors to boost the surprise factor of the final product.

"The Christmas cake does require a little more time in the oven, but can be prepared in only 15 minutes. We recommend making it a day in advance to allow all the flavors to develop. The preparation is divided into two parts. Make the cake first, followed by the glaze, which is the final finishing touch that gives the cake a shiny crust"(Jernej Kitchenread more)

Check out the recipe here. Make sure not to miss the tips on how to store the cake as well.

Bon appétit. ;)

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