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Veganuary and Frida’s vegan chocolates are the perfect match

Let us introduce you to a selection of Aunt Frida's vegan chocolate creations

Veganuary and Frida’s vegan chocolates are the perfect match

Aunt Frida's vegan chocolates contain a high percentage of cocoa and are, of course, free from milk and dairy products. The very popular internationally awarded Crunchies Cranberry, almonds and chia seeds in dark chocolate can also be enjoyed by those, who are lactose intolerant.

Don’t miss the small tasting chocolate bites Whole strawberries in vegan chocolate (containing vegan milk) as well as Whole strawberries in dark chocolate.

Frida's vegan Gourmet dark chocolates containing 70% cocoa are known for interesting combinations of freeze-dried fruit, nuts, and hand-picked dried blossoms of Slovenian flowers.

The collection of Single Origin chocolates also includes 2 vegan selections. These are chocolates made with cocoa originating from a certain area, from a particular country, or a single plantation. Choose a dark chocolate originating from Uganda containing at least 78% cocoa with a distinctive African aroma – an intense flavour of gently spiced cocoa with a pleasant sweet note, or a dark Ecuador chocolate originating from Ecuador with at least 70% cocoa featuring a dominating South American aroma with strong fruity notes and sophisticated shades of rum, whisky, and tobacco.

Try the Choc'n’rolls Sour cherry in dark chocolate with a juicy candied sour cherry heart covered in gourmet 70% cocoa chocolate and sprinkled with a fine fruit powder. You won’t want to miss this delicious vegan treat.

Frida’s recommendation to orange lovers is definitely Choc'n'sticks Orange in dark chocolate with a juicy heart of candied orange covered in top gourmet 70% cocoa chocolate. 

You can find Frida's vegan chocolate creations in Aunt Frida chocolate coffee shops across Slovenia and in the Aunt Frida online chocolate shop, while Whole Strawberries in Chocolate and Crunchies are also available at Hofer stores in Slovenia.

And which vegan chocolate snack is your favourite?

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