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Festive sweetening PACKAGE


What will you be festively sweetened with? What do you find in the package? 2x Winter Fridika with speculas biscuits, premium Praline cakes Potica Walnut Cake & Strudel and chocolate Taste edition Cookie Rookie. Happy and sweet holidays! :)

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Winter Fridika - fudge with speculas biscuits, cinnamon caramel and candied orange, gentle cream with Christmas spices, topped with gourmet milk chocolate.

Slovenian classic with walnuts, poppy seeds and drunken raisins - Praline cake Potica Walnut Cake, combined with another traditional dessert Strudl.

Praline cakes are the recipients of two prestigious international awards for chocolate and chocolate products in 2018, the Academy of Chocolate and Great Taste from London and in 2019 they won an International Chocolate Awards from International Institute of Chcoolate and Cacao Tasting!

Are you like Frida, who can’t resist baking Christmas cookies even in the summer? :-) A pinch of fragrant spices in the best chocolate is Cookie Rookie – milk chocolate with fragrant spices, which also causes an explosion of smell!

How about a real triple chocolate cookie?
How about a real triple chocolate cookie?