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What do you find in the package? Exciting Fridika Brownie with raspberry and Fridika Cream slice with blueberry, white gourmet chocolate with raspberries Taste Edition Memories of Raspberries, Gourmet milk chocolate with raspberries, peach and orange peel, Whole strawberries in white chocolate and small pralines for great pleasure - Cremino Hazelnut and Cremino Pistachio! Bon Appetit. ;-)

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Fridika Brownie with raspberry made of gourmet milk chocolate, soft cream with raspberries, chocolate fudge + lyophilized raspberries and brownie.

Fridika Cream slice with blueberry is made of gourmet white chocolate, soft cream with blueberry, white chocolate fudge + lyophilized blueberries and crisps.

Do you miss the days when you ate raspberries at your grandmother's, and then you got "something sweet"? Taste Edition Memories of Raspberries – White chocolate with raspberries takes you exactly to those memories.

The world's best gourmet chocolate, with a sustainable cocoa production and special handling processes. Gourmet milk chocolate made from 31 % cocoa parts in a crazy combination with lyophilized raspberry, peach and aromatic orange peel. 

Whole strawberries in white chocolate - Crispy lyophilized strawberries - full of color, aroma, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, dipped in white chocolate with bourbon vanilla!

Small pralines for great pleasure – 2x Cremino! Cremino Hazelnut - creamy 100% natural hazelnut nougat and Cremino Pistachio - 100% natural pistachio nougat in the embrace of gourmet milk chocolate. Because they are made with 100% natural hazelnut and pistachio nougat, without flavor enhancers or artificial aromas, only the best chocolate and hazelnuts or pistachios, they melt in your mouth.

How about a real triple chocolate cookie?
How about a real triple chocolate cookie?