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100% natural pastries

Made out of completely natural ingredients

The first rule which Aunt Frida never, but really never ever break, not even by an inch, is her commitment to 100% natural ingredients!

When she made her first pastry, she carefully selected only completely natural ingredients.

This is how all of her pastries are still made today. She is really strict when it comes to controlling the ingredients: she knows no joke about that.

Aunt Frida was really happy to know about EU regulations banning trans fats. However, she didn’t need an official ban for this, because she have never used trans fats in the first place.

That’s why you’ll never find cheap margarine in her creations, just real butter.

Also, Aunt Frida does not "help" herself with cheap palm oil originating from unsustainable production, which is one of the main causes of the deforestation of our planet’s green lungs.

Cream made with cheap vegetable oil is of course less expensive and firmer, but Frida swears by real milk cream, which gives a velvety texture and a full flavor.

Have you ever felt that odd, unpleasant sensation that hits your tongue after eating an ”artificial” pastries? This is not what happens when you try Frida’s pastries: you will be astonished by the explosion of rich, natural flavors of fruits, nuts, ans cocoa.

Why adding artificial pistachio flavor and green food coloring, if 100% pistachio butter tastes delicious and has a stunning color? Sure, price would be lower, but Frida prefers quality over quantity.

100% natural

Frida's desserts do not contain artificial colors and additives, but only fresh fruits and vegetables.

Producing with exclusively natural ingredients surely has its drawbacks: shorter shelf life, products don’t always look the same and they’re maybe not flawless, poorer durability of desserts in display cases, greater sensibility to temperature fluctuations, less air in the cream, etc.

However, Frida prefers fresh, natural and safe ingredients. This even though her desserts are maybe sometimes not as flawless looking as industrial ones, they spoil sooner and weigh more (which means they are also more expensive).

What do you need to know about Frida’s 100% natural pastries?

  • They contain only the best and freshest 100% natural ingredients.
  • They don’t contain any trans fats whatsoever.
  • They don’t contain any margarine or palm tree oil, but only milk and cocoa butter.
  • They don’t contain any syrups, but only real fruit and fruit purees.
  • They don’t contain any stabilizers, hardeners, food preservatives and are only quickly freezed.
  • They don’t contain any artificial colors: only fresh fruit and vegetables are used as food coloring.
  • They don’t contain any artificial flavors, but only natural extracts, fresh fruit, and real Tahitian vanilla.

How about a real triple chocolate cookie?
How about a real triple chocolate cookie?