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Aunt Frida Franchise

A chocolate coffee shop with a concept

Aunt Frida is one of the most creative, recognizable and respected brands in the Alpe Adria region in the segment of conceptual chocolate coffee shops. The core of our offer is represented by 100 % natural sweet creations of premium quality, produced in our own technologically advanced manufactory following the highest standards and the latest trends.

About conceptual coffee shop

A chocolate coffee shop with a concept that stimulates all senses
It combines a conceptual café with a pastry shop and a sweet gift shop.

Synonym of premium quality
Aunt Frida’s sweet creations are made from only natural and high-quality ingredients, served excellently by our staff and an unforgettable »Wow!« gourmet experience.

A different approach to pastry-making and catering business
Aunt Frida is the inspiration for everything that’s a bit ”nuts” and different.

Aunt Frida is friendly, trendy, passionate, playful, but also very warm and traditional to the core.

Elegant architecture and warm atmosphere
Our chocolate coffee shop’s architecture is imbued with tradition, originality, and - at the same time - innovative elements, as it combines Aunt Frida’s personality with our modern business concept. An inspiring and pleasant space for both work and relaxation with friends.

All the details: Franchise Aunt Frida - Your business opportunity

If you’ve also fallen in love with Aunt Frida’s chocolate story, send us an e-mail at prodaja@tetafrida.eu.

How about a real triple chocolate cookie?
How about a real triple chocolate cookie?