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Chocolate tale

Aunt Frida is also connected with Africa, especially with Liberia, which has a special place in our hearts.
From there comes one of her ‘children’, even though Aunt Frida - Teta means aunt in Slovene – thinks that everyone can be part of her big family.
And to offer the best African chocolate is Aunt Frida’s ultimate mission.


For chocoholics of all ages!

In a hidden corner of nature, in the middle of the Maribor lake landscape park in Limbuš, in the Aunt Frida Chocolate center, you will be able to make your own chocolate masterpiece. An unforgettable gourmet experience is waiting for you!

For a better future

In northern Liberia, hidden in the rainforest and far away from the big, bustling cities lies the small village of Molly-Koyata. It has about 40 inhabitants and their great hopes for a better future lie in their cocoa and coffee plantation.

Aunt Frida generously supports this village on this difficult – but hopefully successful – path by purchasing equipment and seedlings, offering support for logistics and access to relevant knowledge, and – in particular – by enabling the purchase of their products at fair prices.

With each purchase from Aunt Frida’s store, you support their hopes for a better future.


Western Africa

Liberia is a small West-African country situated on the Atlantic coast between Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Liberia has sadly reached the top of the list of the world’s poorest countries due to two decades of bloody civil war. Once one of the wealthiest countries in Africa with a deep connection to American history, Liberia was known as a successful cocoa growing country. However, Liberia’s reputation has dramatically changed in the 90's.

One of the most brutal civil wars in human history, known for involving about 150,000 children soldiers, has left scars that are difficult to heal. As if this wasn’t enough, Liberia was also hit by the Ebola epidemic a few years ago.

How from cocoa tree to chocolate?

In Liberia natural resources are the best solution to achieve a better, happier future and for many Liberians cocoa is the main source of income.
For them cocoa beans are just like coins. Even though it may sound odd and also sad, most Africans who work at cocoa plantations have never tried chocolate.

Let’s enjoy chocolate and help Africa!

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Internationally awarded products

Aunt Frida has already won two international awards for chocolate and chocolate products: Academy of Chocolate and Great Taste awards! We won the Academy of Chocolate award against other 1,200 competitors from all over the world thanks to our Praline cakes, while we received the Great Taste award for our popular Choc'n'rolls

Both our chocolate creations have so been ranked among the most prestigious chocolate products in the world and Aunt Frida has reached the very top of the world's elite gourmet chocolate makers.

Who is Aunt (Teta) Frida?

She’s our street’s funny, adventurous aunty who
has lived lots of adventures, so many that we could easily write a novel about her life.

She was one of the first ones to try paragliding and then developed a passion for airplanes.
She was also a diver and avid hiker.

Aunt Frida is the inspiration of our creativity.

Her passion and interest in many fields took her all over the world, where she found inspiration for new sweet creations. She used them to impress all the children on our street. Full of love and kindness, Aunt Frida shared her creations especially because she never had her own kids to spoil.

We will never forget the moment, when she arrived on our street with the loudest motorcycle we had ever heard. Her exciting, adventurous lifestyle somehow made her sweet creations even tastier. Or maybe it was just because of that spark in her loving eyes.

Years ago, when we decided to establish an institution, which will become the synonym for the most natural and other gourmet sweet creations, our memory kept going back to that episode. We soon presented the idea to her and she, in her cheerful style, immediately and enthusiastically accepted the collaboration with recipes and a volcano of ideas.

When we surprised her with our idea to name our brand after her, she was both enthusiastic and scared at the same time. Today we know that she loved the idea.

Thank you aunty for all the inspiration! Your cosmopolitan soul, restless and energetic spirit, so open to new and exciting ideas…
Your commitment to natural and homemade products is not only our inspiration and guiding light: it is something we truly believe in,
we live and work with the same passion you have always had.

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How about a real triple chocolate cookie?
How about a real triple chocolate cookie?