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Business and personalized gifts

On special occasions a little gift may make your co-workers, colleagues or business partners remember their successful collaboration with you even longer. Personalized Aunt Frida creations will be the perfect present for them. 

Would you like to gift them the best chocolate in the world mixed with freeze-dried fruit, caramelized and roasted nuts, and selected edible flowers?

The packaging of our delicious chocolate creations, special jams with chocolate, choc‘n’rolls, praline cakes, and other creations by Teta Frida can be personalized: this way your presents will really stand out from the ocean of other over-seen business gifts.

With small effort and little attention you will be able to surprise your friends and loved ones as well. Your special occasions won’t be easy to forget! Personalized chocolate creations are great gift ideas for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings, and other important moments in your life. Let’s make these events even more special! ;)


Why should you choose Aunt Frida’s chocolate gifts?

  • Because we only use the most natural and fresh ingredients.

  • Because all our products have no added preservatives, additives, stabilisers, hydrogenated fats, flavor enhancers and other artificial substances.

  • Because our creations are top-quality products.

  • Because our products are hand-made, with lots of love and responsibility for our customers.

Suprise your loved ones with a unique gift!

Surprise your business partners, employees or your loved ones with a special gift. Tante Frida's natural sweet creations will be the perfect gift!

Aunt Frida's chocolate gifts

gourmet chocolate bars creatively sprinkled with fruit, nuts, and edible flowers

rock'n'roll combination of fruit, chocolate, and fruit powder

tasty combinations of fruit, spices, and chocolate

Gifts can be sold as single items or as part of gift boxes, which contain combinations of different products in a gift wrap. Packaging can feature logos or slogans (available for both single products and gift boxes).

Choose a chocolate product, entrust us with your wishes regarding to your packaging, and we will take care for everything else. "Wow" effect guaranteed! ;)

For more information contact us via e-mail info@tetafrida.eu or call us at 02 805 13 93.

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How about a real triple chocolate cookie?
How about a real triple chocolate cookie?