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Greetings from natural park
Maribor lake!

Aunt Frida has found her little corner of nature in the middle of the Maribor lake natural park, which inspired her to create 100% natural desserts. This is the place where you can experience chocolate in the Chocolate Center. In the immediate vicinity of the natural park there is also a chocolate manufactory, where Aunt Frida and her team create their all natural chocolate creations.

At Aunt Frida’s chocolate literally flows in streams! :-) And that’s simply the world’s best chocolate!

If Aunt Frida had to choose what she likes best and what she likes to create with, it would definitely be CHOCOLATE.

Sweet experiences at the Chocolate Center

Make your inner chocoholic happy and and find out how Frida's sweet creations are made: you can treat yourself and taste them while sitting in our nice chocolate coffee shop by the river in a beautiful setting.

Don’t miss the several chocolate events that are held in the Chocolate Center, especially tastings and chocolate workshops for chocoholics of all ages, where you will learn how chocolate is made in a unique and fun way.

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For chocoholics of all ages!

In a hidden corner of nature, in the middle of the Maribor lake landscape park in Limbuš, in the Aunt Frida Chocolate center, you will be able to make your own chocolate masterpiece. An unforgettable gourmet experience is waiting for you!


Natural park Natura 2000

Lake Maribor is an accumulation lake created by the damming of the Drava river for the construction of the Mariborski Otok hydroelectric power plant.

Nowadays this area is protected as a landscape park. It is very popular among Slovene people, who come to the park to have fun, do sport, explore its riparian biotopes (the southern shore of the lake is almost entirely covered with forest and there are several shallow, interesting habitats for many animal species), admire the breathtaking landscape, and relax. On the shore of the lake, you will also find Frida’s chocolate manufactory together with the Chocolate experience center, the chocolate coffee shop, and Frida’s Chocolate Village. Welcome!

Chocolate coffee shops

Internationally awarded products

Aunt Frida has already won two international awards for chocolate and chocolate products: Academy of Chocolate and Great Taste awards! We won the Academy of Chocolate award against other 1,200 competitors from all over the world thanks to our Praline cakes, while we received the Great Taste award for our popular Choc'n'rolls

Both our chocolate creations have so been ranked among the most prestigious chocolate products in the world and Aunt Frida has reached the very top of the world's elite gourmet chocolate makers.

How about a real triple chocolate cookie?
How about a real triple chocolate cookie?