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Aunt Frida opened the fifth chocolate coffee shop in Slovenia in Koper

An aunt with the sweetest ideas in the city from now on also in the Planet Koper shopping center

Aunt Frida is now also in Koper

In May, the new Aunt Frida chocolate coffee shop came to life in Planet Koper and complemented the coastal region of Slovenia with 100% natural chocolate creations. This is Frida's fifth chocolate coffee shop, which she opened after ones in Maribor, Limbuš, Celje and in Ptuj. 

Aunt Frida now also pampers visitors in Koper with her 100% natural cakes, ice cream and other chocolate creations. The café has a beautiful terrace above Koper and Aunt Frida's chocolate corner, which, like every Frida's chocolate café, complements the sweet program for chocoholics. In the Aunt Fride chocolate coffee shop, you can choose from more than 100 different unique chocolate gifts - among them you will also find internationally awarded products. 

At the opening of the new chocolate coffee shop, Aunt Frida once again showed her charity side and joined to the big story with a generous donation - she joined forces with the famous Slovenian drummer  Marko Soršak - Soki, the initiator of the project  20for20, which donates musical instruments to Slovenian schools. They donated new musical instruments to Anton Ukmar Elementary School in Koper.

Soki, together with Aunt Frida's team surprised the students of the Anton Ukmar Elementary School in Koper and gave them a set of musical instruments. The students also played on them during the handover of the musical instruments and are already looking forward to working even more musically as a school band from now on. The smile on the faces of the children said it all! At the end of the event, just about every student at the school also received Aunt Frida’s chocolate surprise. ☺

Marko Soršak - Soki has already added the 111th primary school to the map of gifted schools. He is happy to join forces with Aunt Frida on the new project of this charity story - a chocolate charity story has been created. As part of the project, we have enriched the hearts of 700 children and we can hardly wait for new musical talents to develop playing on these instruments.

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