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Divine gourmet ice creams exclusively at Hofer

For Easter instead of the classic Potica Walnut cake, flavoured ice cream Potica Walnut cake.

Divine gourmet ice creams exclusively at Hofer

Aunt Frida presents the new 100% natural Divine ice creams. These ice creams are also made by hand from the first to the last step in her chocolate manufactory, which is a feature of all Frida's completely natural ice creams.

First, she create gourmet ice cream Potica walnut cake - a refreshing, modern version of a true Slovenian classic, in which you will find an attractive combination of walnuts, poppies and raisins. Because she adores Potica walnut cake herself, but wanted to add her personal note to it, she wrapped it in a creamy ice cream. He especially recommends it for sweetening in the upcoming Easter holiday season.

The line of Divine gourmet ice creams consists of also two other very desirable flavors: 100% Strawberry, which you can indulge in without a guilty conscience, as it contains a large proportion of fruit, and Salty caramel, which boasts a sinful combination of sweet and salty, and also contains prized salt flower from the Piran sea salt pans, ranked among the best sea salts in the world.

This is a limited edition series of gourmet ice creams, which will be available in Hofer stores across Slovenia only for a short period of time. Hurry up and sweeten up the Easter holidays and discover new flavors that will seduce you all the way into spring.

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