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More about Fit Frida creations

Healthy creations, that do not lag behind in taste with other Frida's desserts

More about Fit Frida creations

The Fit Frida line, a line of 100% natural sweets by Aunt Frida, which are completely flour-free and without added sugar (they are only sweetened with the natural fermented sweetener erythritol or stevia), is certainly a good choice of sweetening at the beginning of the new year.

Proteins are also added to some of the products in the line for greater nutritional value (for example Protein Coco Loco cake, Protein Strawberry with Pistachio cake and Protein Cheesecake Lemon & Lime dessert).

They contain a lot of healthy fats and little carbohydrates, and are prepared according to LCHF principles. Thus, there will be no margarine or other bad fats in them, but only milk, cocoa and coconut butter. In Fit Frida desserts we also use dairy products, cream, mascarpone and Greek yogurt. They are especially suitable for diabetics, as they have a low glycemic index.

Fit Frida also wants to meet demands of those guests who are not in the majority, but still want a completely natural dessert or ice cream made from quality ingredients, e.g. diabetics, those sensitive to gluten, lactose, and people who avoid sugar or follow LCHF diet.

Another interesting feature of Fit Frida is one of the most popular cakes of the Fit Frida line Super Cherry, which will enchant you with its chocolate biscuit with almonds and coconut and luxurious mascarpone cream with cherries. Functionality of the cake: gluten-free ingredients, no added sugar, LCHF, low glycemic index.

Good appetite and welcome to the nearest Frida's chocolate coffee shop. :)

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