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New flavours of Divine gourmet ice creams already available at Hofer stores

This summer, treat yourself to wonderful ice cream flavours available exclusively at Hofer stores: 100% Strawberry, Salted Caramel, Banana & Cookie and Jaffa Brookie.

New flavours of Divine gourmet ice creams already available at Hofer stores

The spring/summer season brings exclusive delicious flavours of Teta Frida's natural gourmet ice creams to the Hofer range. The 100% natural Divine ice creams are guaranteed to be a delight! They are made in Aunt Frida chocolate manufactory with all natural ingredients, such as fresh fruit, real gourmet chocolate, fresh milk and cream (depending on the flavour). As with all Frida ice creams, the first hit of freshness is followed by the burst of irresistible flavour. Free of artificial powders, flavour enhancers, colours and flavourings, of course.

The Salted Caramel gourmet ice cream boasts a sinful combination of salty and sweet that's hard to resist and contains the prized fleur de sel from the Piran salt pans, which ranks as one the best sea salts in the world. The divine taste can only be imparted by true caramel, which is made by Frida herself, without any artificial flavourings!

The 100% strawberry can be enjoyed guilt-free, as it contains a high proportion of fruit. It evokes the memory of fresh strawberries from the home garden and is made from gluten-free and lactose-free ingredients. Don't miss the Aunt's amazing strawberry ice cream!

Of course, there's no room for artificial flavourings in the gourmet Banana & Cookie ice cream either – just for real bananas, real gourmet chocolate and real cookies (gluten-free! with almonds). What's better than cookies? Cookies in ice cream.

The line of divine gourmet ice creams is completed by the fourth and newest flavour, Jaffa Brookie. Jaffa Brookie was created when Frida combined gourmet dark chocolate with juicy candied oranges. Surely you’re wondering who or what is a brookie? A moist brownie combined with a crunchy cookie. Yummy, right? :)

We’re talking about our limited edition gourmet ice cream series, available at Hofer stores across Slovenia for a limited time only. Hurry up and take advantage of the sunny days and discover the gourmet flavours, your companions in the hot summer.

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