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Passion Fashion!

Aunt Frida invites you to refreshing passion fruit summer creations!

Passion fruit creations in five flavors

Do you love summer and exotic passion fruit? A summer novelty in the company of Passion's creations is Panna Cotta Passion fruit. This time, Aunt Frida combined the sweet freshness of the tropical flavor of passion fruit with panna cotta cream and fragrant bourbon vanilla, and added a topping of passion fruit chocolate.

Passion cake will take you on a hot tropical day - cottage cheese with a unique passion fruit flavor and forest fruits will refresh your chat with your favorite ice coffee or natural lemonade. Are your sweet habits crumbly pies? The exotic fruit wrapped in the best gourmet white chocolate is Frida's gentle masterpiece of summer - Passion fruit pie with white chocolate!

Among more than 30 different types of all-natural ice cream, you will also find ice cream with passion fruit in two tropical flavors: Passion Fashion and Passion fruit hidden in chocolate. All Frida's ice creams are 100% natural, which means that they do not contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and trans fats.

Also check out the chocolate gift program with passion fruit: Praline cakes Passion Fashion and Taste chocolate - Passion for You, Fruit for Me.

You can try passion fruit creations in your nearest chocolate coffee shop Aunt Frida in Maribor, Limbuš, Celje, Koper, Ptuj or Ljubljana.

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