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Recipe: White chocolate peanut brownie

Extra chocolatey and moist, made for true chocoholics!

Recipe: White chocolate peanut brownie

In cooperation with Jernej Kitchen we have prepared a delicious new recipe that is calling your name. It’s a simple chocolate dessert that can be prepared in just 40 minutes using only 7 ingredients.

The white chocolate peanut brownie doesn’t just melt in your mouth, it also features an extra crunch thanks to the addition of Crunchies - Peanuts in white chocolate with salted caramel.

"As the top layer of chocolate melts, it creates delicious puddles of caramel, while peanuts add a wonderful contrast to the smooth brownie. This recipe is especially great for those of you who are not yet comfortable with making your own caramel or worry that you might burn it." (Jernej Kitchen, more)

The brownies make a great dessert for when you have guests over and for the holiday season in general but since they’re so delicious, we advise you to give them a go as soon as possible.

What makes this recipe so special? "As the brownies bake, the white chocolate layer of Crunchies melts, leaving puddles of gooey white chocolate and caramel, whereas crunchy peanuts ensure a nutty flavour and bring everything together." (Jernej Kitchen, more)

You can check out the recipe here. Make sure to also check out the tricks for making the best home-made brownies. Did you know you can store brownies in the freezer?

Bon appétit. ;)

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