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Golden chocolate sweetening

Goldiva and Nostalgia cake

Sweeten up your holiday season with the diva among the cakes, the golden chocolate cake Goldiva and the surprise ball, Nostalgia.

From now on in as many as four countries at the same time

Frida also conquers abroad

Fridikas, Whole strawberries in chocolate and Choco Crunchies are now also available at all 1,200 sales points of the Aldi chain (Hofer) in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia! Don't miss the special presentation of Frida's creations.

Taste the winter time

The most fragrant chocolate bar

Treat yourself to your moment of the day with speculaas cookies with cinnamon caramel and candied orange.

Our sweetest offer

Chocolate workshops with tasting

Workshops with tasting of Frida's chocolate delicacies for chocoholics of all ages!

Why are Aunt Frida's products so special?

100% natural ingredients

Frida's sweet creations contain only fresh, 100% natural ingredients, and the best gourmet chocolate produced with high-quality cocoa from sustainable production.

Handmade in Slovenia

All products are handmade and wrapped by hand with lots of care for details. They're made with love!

Internationally awarded products

Aunt Frida has won two prestigious international awards for chocolate and chocolate products: Academy of Chocolate and Great Taste! In the competition of 1,200 chocolatiers from all over the world, the Academy of Chocolate award received our new Praline cakes and Choc’n’Rolls, which were also awarded with the Great Taste award.

Support Aunt Frida, support Africa!

By buying our products you will support the Liberian village of Molly-Koyata, whose friendly inhabitants grow cocoa in the middle of a tropical forest.


Share your Frida moments with #tetafrida, #auntfrida

Join us on the most chocolatey social networks and share your photos with #tetafrida, #auntfrida.

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How about a real triple chocolate cookie?
How about a real triple chocolate cookie?