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The tastes of raw desserts

The charming spring offering of Aunt Frida's raw treats: Flavors that awaken spring.

Discover the exceptional flavors of raw desserts!

With the arrival of spring, Aunt Frida has also brought fresh flavors to Chocolate Cafés throughout Slovenia. She presents you with the raw treats of this spring that will delight you and, above all, fill you with energy for sunny spring days. Read on to find out why:

In her raw treats, Frida doesn't use any artificial or natural sweeteners, nor does she use the otherwise very popular agave syrup or birch sweetener.

The Sacher is a Viennese classic in raw form, combining chocolate and apricots. Cashews provide a creamy texture, and for the full and rich chocolate taste, Aunt Frida has added cocoa powder. The Viennese classic wouldn't be complete without apricots, which add a slightly tangy touch that complements the chocolate perfectly.

Malinca, a raw cake with raspberries accompanied by dates and cashews, combines the sweetness of raspberries, the richness of cashews, and the tenderness of date paste. Cocoa provides the chocolate flavor, while the sweet date paste offers natural sweetness - without added sugar. Don't forget the juicy raspberries, which add a refreshing and slightly tangy touch.

Strawberry Cheesecake is Frida's raw dessert in a jar, representing the perfect trio of strawberries, creamy cashews, and sweet dates. Cashews with a rich texture form the base of this treat, while the sweet date paste provides natural sweetness, without added sugar, while lemon juice adds freshness and a slight tangy note. The highlight of this raw strawberry dessert by Frida is the indispensable and juicy strawberries.

Whether you're a lover of classic cakes or more avant-garde desserts in a jar, there will surely be your favorite raw treat. Come indulge at Aunt Frida's Chocolate Cafés and let us know which is your favorite raw treat ;)

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