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Fine spreads got new packaging and flavours

New packaging, refreshed flavours

Have you already noticed the new packaging of fine spreads that you can find in the online chocolate shop and Frida's coffee shops? Chocolate marmalades, Elusive caramel spreads, and Peanut and Hazelnut butter. Caramel and butter remain exactly the same taste, but impress with the new packaging. Marmalades also have a refreshing flavours. ;) Created in Aunt Frida's chocolate manufactory from completely natural ingredients, they are waiting for you to discover them and finally conquer you too. Fine spreads are prepared without flavor enhancers, artificial colors and aromas.

Homemade jams with chocolate

Surprise your taste buds with wonderful homemade jams, which of course also contain chocolate. Only the best chocolate and specially selected aromatic spices are added to the sweet fresh fruit. For example, you will also taste lavender in the blueberry jam with white chocolate or in the raspberry jam with white chocolate, ginger. Apricot jam is also now refreshed with white chocolate and mint, but strawberry jam with white chocolate and basil is often the first choice.

Elusive caramel squared

The Elusive caramel will enchant you! It is homemade, hand-cooked in Frida's factory, contains the best cocoa from sustainable production, and Frida has added real bourbon vanilla. When you open the cap, you'll notice a fine, silky, elusive caramel (make sure it doesn't escape ;)), of course without artificial aromas, preservatives and other additives for greasiness - just like Frida's way. Don't miss her little sister, the Elusive Caramel with chocolate, which Frida managed to capture in rich milk chocolate for true chocoholics. ;)

Do you love nuts? These fine "crunchy" butters are for you!

Frida grinds the delicious 100% peanut and hazelnut butter herself. It contains only the best and carefully selected roasted peanuts or hazelnuts, without added sugar or other artificial or natural sweeteners, without other artificial additives and preservatives. Suitable "on a spoon" from a glass or as an addition to many desserts, smoothies, drinks... yummy.

In the chocolate online store, you can find all versions of fine spreads here.

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