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Magical moments at Aunt Frida

We are starting the festive season with Goldiva and Nostalgia golden chocolate cake

The golden chocolate sweetening is about to begin

The time of seductive holiday flavors, pleasant scents in the air, glitter, lights, delicious cookies and time for family and friends is slowly approaching. Aunt Frida's chocolate cafes have already shone in gold!

Golden chocolate beauty Goldiva will seduce you with delicious layers of chocolate sponge cake with rum and ganache made of 70% dark chocolate. A diva among cakes, which you absolutely must treat yourself to towards the end of the year, as it is only available during the holiday season.

Even the surprise ball, Nostalgia, which hides a juicy vanilla core under a shiny chocolate coating, is already waiting for you in chocolate coffe shops. You have to try this legendary rum punch ball now, and you can order it until spring. :)

You are invited to a golden chocolate treat at the nearest Aunt Frida chocolate coffee shop.

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