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New autumn flavours of Divine gourmet ice creams in Hofer

Sweeten yourself up this autumn with new flavours of ice cream that await you exclusively at Hofer: Pumpkin cream with pumpkins, Karst Teran and Banana & cookie

New autumn flavours of Divine gourmet ice creams in Hofer

Autumn is coming and it’s time again for new flavours of Aunt Frida’s natural ice creams that will delight you at Hofer. 100% natural Divine ice creams will impress you, as they already smell like autumn. They are created in Aunt Frida's chocolate manufactory from completely natural ingredients - with fresh fruit, real chocolate and bourbon vanilla, with fresh milk and cream (depending on the flavour).

Gourmet ice cream Pumpkin cream with pumpkins with full flavour and fine creaminess, will definitely set you apart from summer - in positive way, of course. Pumpkin creamy frosting will surprise you with another specialty - Frida added roasted pumpkin seeds to it, thus rounding off its pleasant aroma. What kind of pumpkin do you have to be to make an ice cream out of pumpkin?

Karst Teran, gourmet cream ice cream that contains top quality Karst Teran wine and cream with autumn spices. The divine taste is created with fresh milk and Slovenian cream, without hydrogenated vegetable fats, which Frida's ice creams never contain. The natural colour of this ice cream is given by the wine. Kids, fingers away, this ice cream is for adults only. :)

This time, the line of divine gourmet ice creams is complemented by Banana & cookie. There is no room here for any artificial flavours, but only for real bananas, real gourmet chocolate and real cookies (gluten-free! with almonds) that will win you over. What’s even better than cookies? Cookies in ice cream.

It's a limited edition series of gourmet ice creams, which will be available in Hofer stores across Slovenia only for a short period of time. Hurry up and sweeten yourself up this fall and discover new flavours that will take you to sunny autumn days.

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