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New summer flavors

Divine ice cream and new flavors

New summer flavors

Taste summer at Aunt Frida! On hot days, sweeten yourself with the delicious new flavors of divine ice creams, which await you in Aunt Frida's chocolate coffee shops.

100% natural divine ice creams will delight you! They are created in Aunt Frida's Chocolate Factory from completely natural ingredients - with fresh fruit, real gourmet chocolate, with fresh milk and cream. With all Frida's ice creams, you will first taste the freshness, and then the full aroma, which will enchant you. Of course, without artificial powders, flavor enhancers, dyes and aromas, which Frida's ice creams never contain.

The gourmet ice cream Salted Caramel & Fudge Brownie boasts a sweet and salty combination that is hard to resist, and also contains the prized salt flower from the Piran salt pans. The divine taste is developed with only real caramel, which Frida prepares herself, without any artificial flavors! A juicy fudge brownie adds the finishing touch.

Raspberry Cheesecake is a cream ice cream with cookies and raspberry. The rich taste is obtained with real cream without hydrogenated vegetable fats, crunchy cookies and fresh raspberries. Will Raspberry Cheesecake be your best summer ice cream refreshment?

The new summer flavors of divine gourmet ice creams are complemented by Nougatela & Cookie. It was created when Frida combined nougat cream and Frida's cookies with the best gourmet chocolate. ;)

Another ice cream surprise from the "Mango tango" family. Gourmet ice cream Kefir mango. The pleasant natural sweetness of mango and its intense aromatic taste are perfectly rounded off by refreshing kefir.

Welcome to your nearest Aunt Frida chocolate coffee shop, summer ice cream creations are waiting there for you.

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