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Protein Strawberry with pistachios cake

A new cake with great features

NEW! Protein Strawberry with pistachios cake.

We present you a new creation by Aunt Frida, who surprised us this time with a protein cake in her Fit Frida line. The perfect combination of pistachios and strawberries will enchant you at the first bite. 

Almond biscuit, cream with real Sicilian pistachios and strawberries - THIS is all Protein strawberry with pistachios cake!

NEW 100% natural cake is made following strict LCHF and keto principles, while at the same time proteins are added to it. She is flour free with no added sugar (sweetened only with naturally fermented sweeteners erythritol and stevia). 

Aunt Frida made the cake in collaboration with Matej’s LCHF kitchen.

Would you like to try it? You are invited to your nearest Aunt Frida chocolate coffee shop in Maribor, Ptuj, Celje or Koper.

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