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Try Frida's award-winning products and choose your winner! Fridika's, Choc'n'rolls and Praline cakes are the winners of three international awards - Great Taste, Academy of Chocolate and International Taste Awards.  

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Package includes:

- Praline cakes Sacher & Passion Fashion und Pistachio Vera & Salty Caramel,

- Choc'n'rolls Blueberry with yogurt (100g) and Coconut with mango (70g),

- Fridika's Cheesecake strawberry, Cream cake with blueberry, Brownie with raspberry and Cookie Rookie sour cherry & orange.

Choc'n'rolls are the recipients of two prestigious international awards for chocolate and chocolate products in 2018, Academy of Chocolate and Great Taste from London!

Praline cakes received the International Chocolate Award for Chocolate Products Academy of Chocolate in 2018.

Fridika's received the International Taste Awards in 2019.

Vienna classic with Teta's dark chocolate ganache and apricot jelly - Praline cakes Sacher, combined with an explosion of passion fruit freshness and sweet caramel sweetness - heavenly, with heavenly Praline cakes Passion Fashion.

Elusive candy and a pinch of salt flower caught in rich milk chocolate- Praline cakes Salty  caramel, combined with Praline cakes Pistachio Vera, divine cakes with real Sicilian pistachio cream with white and milk chocolate - for a premium taste.

Juicy candied mango core, coated with the best milk chocolate and sprinkled with fine coconut powder.

Crispy core of lyophilized blueberry with yogurt, coated with the best white chocolate and sprinkled with fine raspberry and blackcurrant powder.

Fridika Cookie Rookie topped with gourmet milk chocolate, soft cream with cocoa, chocolate fudge + candied sour cherries, oranges and biscuits. 

Fridika Cream cake with blueberries topped with gourmet white chocolate, soft cream with blueberries, fudge white chocolate + lyophilized blueberries and crisps.

Fridika Cheesecake strawberry coated with gourmet white chocolate, soft cream, white chocolate fudge + freeze-dried strawberries and biscuits.

Fridika Brownie with raspberries coated with gourmet milk chocolate, soft cream with raspberries, chocolate fudge + freeze-dried raspberries and brownie.

How about a real triple chocolate cookie?
How about a real triple chocolate cookie?