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It's time for Mango tango!

Exotic flavors in summer creations

It's time for Mango tango!

Aunt Frida invites you to Mango tango! The hot summer days are finally here and it's time for delicious sweet creations with mango. Discover the novelty among mango creations! This is the new ice cream flavor of the summer, gourmet ice cream Kefir mango. The pleasant natural sweetness of mango and its intense aromatic taste are perfectly rounded off by refreshing kefir. An excellent summer ice cream creation awaits you at Aunt Frida.

This summer, you shouldn't miss the refreshing seasonal Cheesecake, Cheesecake Mango. Crispy cookies with real butter, custard made from cream and cream cheese and Alfonso mango, which is the most aromatic type of mango, will delight you.

Spice up your summer with the Panna Cotta Mango, which (like the Cheesecake mango) is back for a short summer time period only. It will enchant you with gluten-free ingredients, mango filling, panna cotta cream with real bourbon vanilla and mango topping.

Completely natural creations with mango are already waiting for you in the sweet showcases of chocolate coffe shops across Slovenia. Visit Aunt Frida in Maribor, Limbuš near Maribor, Ljubljana, Celje and in Koper.

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