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Vegan single origin chocolates

An ideal month to get to know and taste Frida's vegan chocolate creations. We present you vegan chocolates from the Single origin line.

Vegan single origin chocolates

Veganuar continues with vegan single origin chocolates. These are chocolates with origin, in which cocoa is added only from a certain area, from a certain country or only from one plantation. Just as, for example, where it grows is important for grapevines, it is equally important for coffee and cocoa. If, for example, pineapples also grow next to the cocoa plantation, the chocolate will absorb their aroma as a result. Of course, it is about the nuances of flavors that come to the fore only in chocolates with origins.

Discover vegan single origin chocolate

  • Dark chocolate originating from Uganda has at least 78% cocoa parts and the characteristic taste of Africa - an intense taste of gently spiced cocoa with a pleasant sweet note.
  • Dark chocolate originating from Ecuador contains 70% cocoa parts. It is dominated by a South American aroma with dominant fruit notes and refined shades of rum, whiskey and tobacco.

Also Single origin milk chocolates

The Single origin chocolate line also consists of 2 milk chocolates. Milk chocolate originating from Ghana with a minimum of 40% cocoa parts with a strong flavor of cocoa and biscuits with refined notes of red fruit and chestnut, and milk chocolate originating from Java with a minimum of 33% cocoa parts, which contains a characteristic aroma of caramel with notes of yellow fruit, such as banana and pineapple.

Did you notice something new? Single origin chocolates are now even more beautiful, as they have been given a new look. You can find them in the online store here. Enjoy the symphony of chocolate flavors from different parts of the world! :)

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